Stripy blue/natural organic jersey cotton loose top WSCTb

Stripy blue/natural organic jersey cotton top. Great to team with other tops or wear on its own with jeans. Washes well and keeps shape. This is a good weight cotton so will last. Organic cotton helps the environment and feels great.

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This lovely top is made from Fair Trade organic jersey cotton. These tops come in three colours: blue/natural, wine/natural, and dove grey/natural. We’ve designed them to be comfortable so they’re loose fit, a good length and the cotton feels gorgeous.These are a great standard so a wonderful wardrobe staple. Comes in Size S/M, and L/XL.

We buy from Assisi Organics in Tamil Nadu and they source the cotton direct from the farmer. It’s rather a lengthy process to gain FLO status and have a licensee number. This process is not particularly cost effective for small importers. We asked Assisi if buying Fairtrade cotton really makes a difference to the farmers as well as it being organic – they said yes – so we’ve decided to buy Fairtrade cotton anyway even though we can’t label it as such because we don’t have a licensee number. So, in the label it says ‘Fair Trade cotton’.

Assisi have supplied Marks and Spencer and Tesco with Fairtrade cotton though the stitching for their tops is not done in Assisi’s workshops.

Happily though, Assisi have also stitched our tops, printed the labels and done the packaging, thus helping their wonderful social projects through making sure most of the work is done in-house.