Artisan shirts

Artisan, Nehru or grandad collar, Fair Trade shirts are made of handwoven cotton and expertly sewn in our small workshop in Andhra Pradesh. The fabric is either 100% cotton or a cotton/linen mix and woven in a small workshop in Bihar, India. Handloom weaving is still a good source of income for many rural poor artisans. It’s very low or zero impact in terms of CO2 emissions from the weaving process, though obviously there will be some from growing the cotton. We use coconut buttons for the neck.

As you can see from the two images of the denim blue colour, the shades can vary a bit as the whole process, including the dyeing is done by hand.

These shirts are designed to be classic in style, super comfortable and will last a long time because the weave is a good weight and tight so won’t go out of shape. We think they’ll be your favourite shirt and are unisex too.